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The Stars Group (now part of Flutter Entertainment) is a global sports betting and gaming company with a leading international brands and operations portfolio. Their goal is to give customers all over the world a fun and safe way to bet on sports and play games online. Part of the Flutter International division, The Stars Group first launched in 2001 and since then has become the largest iGaming site in the world.
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Partnership Timeline

2020 — Ongoing


in 2001

Partner's input data

HQ — Dublin, Ireland

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Offices in the USA, Canada, Israel, The UK, Ireland, Bulgaria, and Spain

2000+ employees

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100+ international markets

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Up to $1B Annual Revenue

#entertainment platform #sports betting #digital media

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Attracting and securing top-tier talent emerges as a central challenge in initiating and expanding The Stars Group's R&D department in Kyiv.  Building a cohesive and high-performing team required strategic recruitment efforts and an effective retention model

establish a self-sufficient and highly functional R&D software team for The Stars Group

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The second challenge was to source highly skilled developers and engineers who were passionate about creating a team from the ground up

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With a collaborative approach that goes beyond traditional recruitment, we ensured that every new team member shared the client's company vision and was aligned with global goals.

The recruitment process involved detailed sourcing methods and screening interviews with dozens of candidates conducted by SD Solutions' dedicated recruiters.

We established a robust and secure infrastructure to facilitate the development of new projects and ideas. This way, we meet the highest standards of data security, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of intellectual property and sensitive information

Development technologies
C++ (STL)
NodeJS / Next.js
Rest API Testing
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R&D Department

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Kick-off meeting

Brief with a client for service implementation held with the Recruitment Coordinator, scaling team and the client

Department-to-department sync-ups

Develop comprehensive checklists and define milestones for R&D project implementation

Establish tailor-made candidate pipelines for integrated hiring based on client-specific needs

HR Policies for the R&D Team

In collaboration with local HR managers, we create custom policies for holidays, vacations, PTO, and sick leave for the R&D department

Tailored onboarding process

Craft a strategic introduction module highlighting the company's mission, vision, and the role of R&D

Integrate welcome books with in-depth information, including branded client company materials

R&D department that operates seamlessly, contributing to the company as an integral unit
Cost-effective solution
Amount of professional required
Remote / Office / Hybrid
Expanding IT team
Project milestones
Relevant experience
Custom candidate pipelines
Cooperation channels
Position representation
Dedicated recruiter
Starting date
Leaves policy
Workstation Requirements
Compliant HR policies
Prepared cozy workspace
Customized welcome pack
Home office supplies
Welcoming community
Dedicated HR manager
Knowledge base materials
Integration sessions
Company values

That is how we made a custom scaling plan for r&d department

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SD Solutions has successfully built an R&D team that has achieved remarkable feats together. After onboarding, the team started working collaboratively to build complex web applications, including creating architectural solutions.


Now, the team has grown to 28 professionals from all over the world, contributing to the parent company's success.

New Hires



Ready to scale your team? 
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