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  • Kurochka Olha

3 steps to keep specialists and become a reliable employer

The workforce market seems stable, but there is also a more competitive job market. The truth is that the growth of the IT industry causes a shortage of sufficient human resources. That is why, when you get highly qualified and well-skilled specialists, you have to be sure they won’t run away searching for a better workplace. Saying this, we are not talking about the salary numbers or whatever else. The thing is human interactions and the level of the mental climate of the company. There are three steps to maintain a healthy working atmosphere and positive relations with your employees.

Step 1: Pay extra attention to recruitment

Whatever who says, the first impression is the fundamental point in building trustworthy working relations. That is why companies have to concentrate on the hiring process being minded, well-thought-out and solid.

  • Show a potential newcomer in his/her personality. Do not be obsessed with years of previous experience or the prestige of a candidate’s education. The hard skills are crucial, but the soft skills are not less necessary.

  • Ask the specialist about interests, personal suitability and motivation for the product, and tell about the growth possibilities of the candidate. It would be helpful not only for the great reputation of a company but will indicate if a person next to you is a perfect option. After all, it is always easier to prevent a problem than to deal with it afterwards, and you can do it with the help of an HR interview.

  • Do not waste your and the candidate’s time if you are unsure about the CV. Being attentive to every potential newcomer is also essential because it represents you as a reliable employer.

Step 2: Establish onboarding process

  • Do not underestimate the onboarding. Here you can win some extra points among the other employers. Everyone knows how the first day may be awkward, but you can win some good loyalty tips by putting in extra effort and helping your new team member settle in.

  • Prepare, clean, and equip the workspace with the necessary credentials and facilities before the newcomer starts the journey at your company. Create a possibility to change traditional work equipment upon your request by a system administrator, who can also be the one regularly consulting on the hardware.

  • Provide specialists with all the needed hardware and a comfortable working environment, and let them know whom to contact in case they need organizational help.

  • Do not miss the opportunity to gain trust from the start by giving the standard welcome pack to every newcomer. These can be some branded products, but be sure you choose the useful ones.

  • Give a newcomer time to get used to a new environment, the team, the company, and the workflow. After one month of working, ensure the new team member is comfortable, happy, and engaged.

Step 3: Improve the working environment

To have a healthy and effective climate at work, you should pay attention to the main ways to let employees feel valuable.


Good professionals always strive to grow. Let’s be honest, between a specialist who has finished any course in the last year, and those who haven’t the company will prefer the first one. You can gain additional loyalty by holding elective workshops and career lectures for the personal and professional development of the team members. Or you can add a line to the company’s bonus system about covering the educational expenses for the employee. It is a win-win situation.


You don’t have to give presents to employees, but it’s always a nice gesture of appreciation for their contribution and loyalty. With a gift, companies not only present their employees with a treat but increase their motivation. Companies can build a positive and harmonious working environment by giving presents to workers. Gifts may express recognition for employees’ contributions and encourage good relationships between the management and their teams. Make sure the presents are not only branded but also practical — it’ll gain additional trust and show that you pay attention and care for your employees.

Employees respond to appreciation, expressed through recognition of their good work because it confirms that others value their contribution. According to Gallup analyses, employee recognition is the key factor influencing engagement and organizational performance. It should be given timely, reinforcing company values, and the employees will know the significance of their recent achievements. Do not underestimate employee recognition as it significantly raises satisfaction and productivity, and the team becomes more motivated to improve their work and loyalty to the company.

Team buildings

Corporate parties and team buildings help build trust, reduce misunderstandings, and foster strong, authentic bonds between co-workers. Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know employees better while having a good time away from work and living through new experiences and adventures.

Losing a dedicated member can be crucial to the team and the overall climate of the company. So, giving extra care and devotion to the worker is necessary, but be sure not to overdo it. After all, harmony must be observed in everything.


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