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Spatially Health operates within the healthcare technology sector, specializing in delivering insights into Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and healthcare providers. Their flagship product, the cloud-based platform Equity Equalizer, leverages spatial analytics, location intelligence, and machine learning to pinpoint and measure health barriers at the community level.

This innovative platform empowers healthcare organizations to achieve health equity by facilitating targeted interventions and data-driven decision-making in patient care.
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Partnership Timeline

2021 — Ongoing

Partner's input data

HQ —  Coral Gables, Florida, United States

20+ employees & growing

$10.6 million revenue annually

6 May ‘24 latest funding round

Healthtech & Data Collection

in 2019

#healthcare #data science #data collection #location intelligence 

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Spatially Health needed highly specialized professionals for their projects, specifically developers with data engineering experience. They sought
our Staff Augmentation Service to address this need. 

For the project, we opened two distinct types of vacancies:
          Positions focused purely on data science.
          Programming roles with a strong emphasis
            on data engineering expertise.

The second type of vacancy significantly narrowed the pool of candidates and demanded higher expertise from recruiters. To fulfill this specific request, our hiring team had to grasp the nuances of the specialty and effectively align data engineering experience with project requirements. This precision is crucial to upholding candidates' high quality and suitability for these technical roles, ensuring that only relevant candidates progress to the last interview stages.

The positions required included:

Big Data Engineer


Senior Data Scientist

Senior Node.js Developer with Data Engineering experience


Senior Python Developer with Data Engineering experience

On-demand staffing of a continuously growing data engineering team with long-term commitment.
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To effectively address Spatially Health's staffing requirements, we began by conducting a thorough analysis to identify the specific skill sets needed for their innovative platform EQUITY EQUALIZER™. This initial phase involved determining an optimal number of positions and developing a comprehensive roadmap for scaling their data engineering team. We started with
a matching expectations call where the recruitment team got
a clear understanding of the project's objectives
and requirements:

Main Skill Set Requirement:
nice to have DevOps and data engineering experience (for development positions), but it’s a must for Data Engineering positions

Cultural Fit:
analytical, problem-solving, and troubleshooting skills

The model we have used enabled Spatially Health to remain agile and ready to expand or downsize the team depending on external and internal business needs.


Agile offshore team

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Kick-off meeting

Brief with a client for service implementation held with the Recruitment coordinator, scaling team and the client

Department-to-department sync-ups

Processing client information (creating comprehensive checklists and defining milestones) for a fully covered job opening

Ensuring data accuraсy for bringing only relevant candidates

Tailor-made candidate pipelines for integrated hiring

Policies adjusted by local HR managers

Creating custom and well-defined holidays, vacations, PTO and sick leave policies for better cooperation

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Tailored onboarding process

Integration presentations, including welcome books, branding and onboarding sessions for smooth alignment with the processes and procedures

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Business trips & communication support

Seamless organization and coordination of business trips for facilitating effective communication within the team

Expanding IT team
Amount of professional required
Remote / Office / Hybrid
Project specification Location
Project milestones
Relevant experience
Custom pipelines
Cooperation channels
Position representation
Dedicated recruiters
Starting date
Workstation Requirements
Leaves policy
Compliant HR policies
Prepared cozy workspace
Welcoming community
Home office supplies
Integration sessions
Strategic planning
Professional events 
Online sync-ups
Smooth coordination
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The fully integrated unit contributes to the company as an in-house team, not an outsourced project.

That is how we made
a custom scaling plan for 
Agile offshore team


As a result of our comprehensive hiring and onboarding strategy, we now have a fully integrated yet independent team working remotely from Ukraine. This setup has significantly streamlined the client’s operational processes, and each team member contributes equally to the company’s success. The team’s remote work capabilities have ensured continuous project progress without geographical limitations.

After reviewing our collaboration over the past three years, we are to report a 100% retention rate and overall satisfaction of the outcomes by both parties. The client remains committed to our partnership and gradually opens new positions, expanding the team.

Overall Talent Pool:
1,550 tech candidates

Interviewed: 49 tech candidates

Offers made: 6

Offers accepted: 5

Made an offer and hired:
5 senior specialists 

Average time to hire: 
1.8 months
(from opening to closing the position)
Ready to scale your team? 
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