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Tipalti is the only company handling both Global Partner Payments and Accounts Payable workflows for high-velocity companies across the entire financial operations cycle. Tipalti enables companies to scale quickly by making payables strategic with operational, compliance, and financial controls. Companies can efficiently and securely pay thousands of partners and suppliers in 196 countries within minutes. Thousands of companies, such as Amazon Twitch, GoDaddy, Roku,, and ZipRecruiter use Tipalti to reduce operational workload by 80% and accelerate the financial close by 25% while strengthening financial and spend controls. 
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Partnership Timeline

2022 — Ongoing

Partner's input data

HQ — California

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Offices in the USA, Canada, Netherlands, UK and Israel

1000+ employees & growing

£35B+ in payments annually

£450M total funding to date

120% year-over-year growth


in 2010

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The fully integrated team at all levels:
recruitment, human resources,
infrastructure, legal and operations.
60 people in 1 year

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Tipalti had plans to establish another European office in 2022. After conducting a thorough analysis, Tbilisi was selected as the ideal location. To facilitate the smooth integration and alignment of the new team with Tipalti’s global operations, the company partnered with SD Solutions, a local partner with the necessary expertise.
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Engineering, Sales, Operations,
Finance, and Marketing

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SD Solutions provided a comprehensive market entrance package, which included custom estimates, benchmarks, and best practices for creating an achievable development plan for Tipalti’s office in Tbilisi. To ensure efficient growth, Tipalti opted for an embedded recruitment plan which included local partner-dedicated recruiters, who worked closely with Tipalti hiring managers to deep-dive into the company’s structure, long-term goals, and operational layouts. In addition, department-to-department pipelines were established to facilitate the integration of the team

SD Solutions collaborated with Tipalti to create customized onboarding that ensured a smooth experience for all new hires, which included background checks and verified infrastructure assets for each department. Plus, SD Solutions worked closely with the Tipalti HR team to create and manage tailored policies, team building, business trips, and more— all aimed at creating a conducive work environment.

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Integrated Overseas Branch

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Kick-off meeting

Brief with a client for service implementation held with the Recruitment coordinator, scaling team and the client

Department-to-department sync-ups

Processing client information (creating comprehensive checklists and defining milestones) for a fully covered job opening

Ensuring data accuraсy for bringing only relevant candidates

Tailor-made candidate pipelines for integrated hiring

Policies adjusted by local HR managers

Creating custom and well-defined holidays, vacations, PTO and sick leave policies for better cooperation

Tailored onboarding process

Integration presentations, including welcome books, branding and onboarding sessions for smooth alignment with the processes and procedures

Business trips & communication support

Seamless organization and coordination of business trips for facilitating effective communication within the team

Expanding IT team
Amount of professional required
Remote / Office / Hybrid
Project specification Location
Project milestones
Relevant experience
Custom pipelines
Cooperation channels
Position representation
Dedicated recruiters
Starting date
Workstation Requirements
Leaves policy
Compliant HR policies
Prepared cozy workspace
Welcoming community
Home office supplies
Integration sessions
Strategic planning
Professional events 
Online sync-ups
Smooth coordination
The fully integrated team contributes to the company as a Georgian branch, not an outsourced project

That is how we made a custom scaling plan for integrated overseas branch

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Tipalti has formed a successful partnership with SD Solutions, resulting in the creation of a dedicated team of over 30 employees within the first six months. This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of local managers and an HR team who are fluent in Georgian and always ready to lend their support. 

By partnering with SD Solutions, Tipalti has been able to streamline its hiring process, meet its growth targets, and maintain a high level of employee engagement and satisfaction. Overall, this collaboration has set a solid foundation for future growth and success.

New Hires



Online integration sessions




 HR managers


Team buildings

Office hangout every month

Offline meetings with Tipalti managers

Ready to scale your team? 
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