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Industry Insights: Spring 2024

As a Scaling Partner, we work with A-list technological companies that have recently demonstrated a great leap in growth and development, and we are proud of having committed to that. In our Spring 2024 edition of "Industry Insight from Our Partners," we delve into the latest news and innovation shaping the sector. Join us as we explore how our partners are thriving in a pulsing ecosystem.

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Pango Acquires Gett in $175 Million Deal to Expand Global Ride-Hailing and Delivery Services

Pango, a smart mobility platform, has acquired Gett from its shareholders for $175 million. The acquisition, pending approval by the Israeli Competition Authority, will allow Pango to support Gett’s global operations in the ride-hailing and delivery markets in Israel and the UK. Both companies' leaders expressed excitement about the potential growth and development this partnership brings.


Travelier Acquires Deonibus to Expand Presence in Latin American Travel Market

Travelier has acquired 100% of Deonibus, a prominent travel company in Latin America. This acquisition is a strategic move to expand Travelier's presence in the Latin American travel market, enhancing its offerings and leveraging Deonibus's local expertise. The transition will involve integrating Deonibus's operations with Travelier's resources to provide improved services for customers.


Pepperi and Shift4 have united to revolutionize the B2B payment experience.

Leveraging Pepperi's unified B2B commerce platform and Shift4's global payment processing, This collaboration will streamline the accounts receivable process, enhancing cash flow and simplifying operations for their merchants. Shift4 makes payments easy, and their partnership with Pepperi ensures a smooth experience for B2B businesses worldwide.


QualiSense (formerly Lean AI) declares a five-year agreement with Johnson Electric

QualiSense and Johnson Electric have signed a five-year agreement, designating QualiSense as the primary software provider for inspection and quality control (QC) through the use of Augmented AI technology. The integration of AI technology is poised to significantly reduce costs and optimize manufacturing processes. Moreover, strategic plans are in place to use these insights to enhance the manufacturability of new products during the design phase.


Cyvers Launches Innovative Solution to Combat Cryptocurrency Address Poisoning

CyVers has launched an Address Poisoning Detector, the latest scam detection that is currently the largest one documented in the ecosystem. Address Poisoning is a technique used in cryptocurrency scams where scammers alter transaction addresses. This development aims to enhance security and protect users from fraudulent activities in the crypto space.


Pontera and Stifel Join Forces to Enhance 401(k) Management and Retirement Planning

Pontera and Stifel have announced a partnership aimed at helping 401(k) participants achieve their retirement goals. This collaboration will enable Stifel financial advisors to offer personalized advice and management services for 401(k) accounts through Pontera's technology platform. The goal is to provide participants with enhanced support in managing their retirement savings, leveraging the expertise of financial advisors and the efficiency of Pontera's platform.


Connecteam and Deel Partner to Revolutionize Distributed Workforce Management

Connecteam has announced a new partnership with Deel, aiming to revolutionize employee management. By integrating Connecteam's comprehensive suite of communication, operations, and HR tools with Deel's payroll compliance expertise, the collaboration promises to streamline business operations and support the management of distributed teams more effectively. This strategic alliance will enable organizations worldwide to manage their workforce seamlessly from a single platform, enhancing efficiency and simplifying processes.


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