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SD Solutions Named as One of the Most Reviewed Companies in Ukraine

It’s been over six years since we’ve started this journey, but it feels like it was just yesterday when we began. Since 2014, we’ve been leading clients in their mission to scale their businesses through premier staffing solutions. Today, we’re honored to be named among the TOP 10 Most Reviewed staffing firms on The Manifest, a company listing platform! This award is based on the positive reviews we’ve obtained throughout the past year.

A recap of SD Solutions’ progress

In 2014 The first team at SD Solutions was formed and offered its services to the public. SD Solutions is a full-service staffing company with the mission of leading partners toward tech excellence. The first thing SD Solutions built was a new staffing vision. These are three pillars that, we believe, bring a staffing company to success:

Principle 1

We aim to build a team of dedicated recruiters who are deeply involved in the IT-sphere. While expanding our recruitment department forces, we always concentrate on educating teammates and enhance their professionalism every day.

Principle 2

We approach every client in an exclusively personal way, and it’s more than being in reach for customers whenever they need us. All recruiters get to know each product, its main features, and team structure. It allows finding a perfect match in the shortest time possible.

Principle 3

We realized that clients’ expectations go beyond the recruitment process – they need loyal and product-oriented teams. That’s why developers’ needs got in focus, and we created comfortable conditions for onboarding and long-term support.

With these principles, we kept paving the way for businesses to scale their operations effectively. And in 2021, SD Solutions is named as the most reviewed company in Ukraine. As long as we always stick to our base ideas, we’re now on the top list of staffing companies that offer the best balance among affordability, quality, and customer satisfaction.

We’re proud of this achievement, but our growth doesn’t stop here. We’re excited to see what’s in store for SD Solutions in the nearest future.

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