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SD Solutions launches another branch: new office for Georgian Professionals

SD Solutions, a global outstaffing organisation with representatives in Estonia, Cyprus, Poland, Ukraine, and Romania. And from now our new branch is ready to work on achieving our partners’ staffing goals. We are happy to announce a new Georgian office opening.

Our strategy

Our strategy for entering new markets combines our previous experience and core-team forces with hiring local IT recruiters. While implementing the best staffing tools into a new branch, our on-site representatives make sure each new team member is onboarded along with SD Solutions’ high standards.

Strong sides of the Georgian IT market

Although Georgia is at the junction of Europe and Asia, it shares a European corporate culture, meeting our clients’ views on business processes. According to the Global Services Location Index 2021 (GSLI), the country is on the 19th pace of outstaffing rating among 60 countries. As the Georgian IT community rapidly grows, they need more open doors for a global market and reliable connections with foreign employees every year. And this demand is mutual. Julia Itskovysh, COO of SD Solutions, comments on the key reason to enter the Georgian IT market:

“Any country’s talent pool alone can’t cover the dramatic growing demand for IT professionals. More and more clients are open to new nearshoring options. The new Georgian recruitment department and office will help attract the best local talents faster and, more importantly, to retain them for long-term cooperation with our clients.

Besides building a whole team in Georgia, onboarding a local individual will be beneficial for businesses too. Georgia is located in a convenient time zone, so the remote unit can cooperate easily. Moreover, almost every second adult of a new generation in Georgia fluently speaks English.

Relocation as an opportunity

Another way Georgia can boost the staffing processes of IT companies is through relocation. This country is becoming extremely popular among engineers from Eastern Europe looking for relocation opportunities for different reasons. A comfortable office with all needed supplies and complete coverage of legal and tax processes from our side has already become a significant reason to choose the Georgian branch of SD Solutions.

For now, our Georgian team is 10+ people in SD Solutions. We are certain that operating globally is more than a presence in different countries. Matching the right people with exceptional opportunities and cutting-edge technologies without borders is our vector for expanding the company. We are proud to have one more delightful country on the list of our representatives and looking forward to growing more.


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