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How Working for an International Company Expands Your Horizons: Insights from Georgia


According to recent data, about 25 tech companies in Georgia cover 74 services and industries. What makes the Georgian IT market even more alluring is that American, Western European, Eastern European, Israeli, and Japanese companies are present there today. Does working for these companies differ much from local employers? To shed light on this question, let’s take a look at personal examples of the SD Solutions team – a global IT company hiring in Tbilisi for two years so far. Slightly unveiling the curtain: some insights are less obvious than speaking English a lot! 

Explore Diverse Communication Cultures

One thing we can’t argue with is that in an international company, we gain huge experience in communicating and socialising with people from different countries and cultures.

Myth: it is pretty difficult and sometimes impossible to adapt to a large team with different cultural backgrounds.

It can be a challenging task; however, such companies pay special attention to establishing a corporate culture, a pleasant and encouraging communication style that allows people to learn and experience something new in each culture. Georgians are known for a strong sense of community and hospitality, seamlessly integrating them into the worldwide work environment.

Myth: the bigger the company, the more overwhelming responsibilities are.

An essential aspect of effective communication is a performance review. Honest and noteworthy comments on work help to understand whether one’s career is moving in the right direction. Regular feedback sessions are encouraged, creating an environment where constructive dialogue and personal development thrive.

This type of communication teaches us important lessons, like the fact that mistakes are okay. Which in turn allows to be less stressed and enjoy work more. This is possible as a destructive concept of “responsibility for a mistake” in Western companies is replaced with ownership of the result

Set Up New Connections: Expand Professional Network

We have already talked about multiculturalism and the opportunities that open up for people in such an environment, but it goes even more profound in networking. It is an integral part of work-life, bringing new experiences and professional heights. 

Myth: networking is time-consuming and requires attending numerous events.

Networking is about making meaningful connections and engaging in targeted interactions that align with set goals and interests. It flows organically during online team meetings, conferences, and even through mutual connections.  In the digital era, being present at every offline event or gathering is not always necessary. 

The Perk that tops the list of the most wanted is workation. Workation means exactly what it sounds like – a combination of work and vacation. Big organisations usually have offices in different cities\countries and encourage teams to visit other workplaces. If the monotony absorbs all the energy, this will definitely help to get back on track with renewed enthusiasm.

Work trips also create the best conditions for cultural exchange. It’s great to see it in a movie, but it’s even better to catch insights in an office somewhere in Amsterdam or New York. Working for international enterprises can make getting a work visa much easier. They usually offer help with the process, which definitely is a plus.

Break into the IT sphere as a Non-Tech specialist.

Among today’s young professionals, finding those who want to work in the same position for 20 years is almost impossible. At the same time, when they hear about new job opportunities, they say: “International IT companies won’t hire me because I’m not a developer”. This misconception stems from one of the biggest myths about IT.

Myth: IT is only for tech specialists.

IT products and services are now shaking in all areas, from fashion to banking. They are broadening the pool of specialists while retaining the spirit of an IT startup. 

International companies value diverse skill sets and the need for interdisciplinary collaboration. The list of IT positions includes professionals in various spheres, such as accounting, law, culture, management, linguistics, and others. Non-tech specialists often possess transferable skills such as project management, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking. 

Did you know that study conducted by Glassdoor has shown that 43% of vacancies in Tech companies are related to non-technical professions? That is almost half of all positions offered by IT companies.  It’s all thanks to the rapid expansion of companies into large corporations covering various industries. 

Use Up-to-date Tools

Working for old and stable local employers sometimes limits using new bookkeeping programs, efficient task managers, or discovering the latest technology. Working for an international company allows to expand horizons and leverage cutting-edge tools that enhance productivity and foster enjoyment.

Myth: Adapting to up-to-date tools is overwhelming and requires extensive training, and usually, the tools are useless, so it is a waste of time

Yes, a newcomer may indeed need an introduction to some user tools, but this process is always made to be smooth and convenient for everyone. There is no need to worry about being at the tail end; global companies realise the importance of providing adequate training and support when presenting new tools to their teams.

Be a part of something bigger

International companies usually work on projects that cover many countries and directly impact various developments, not only in the world of technology. And everyone contributes to promoting the company’s ideas worldwide through their work. SD Solutions operates within the EOR scheme, providing everything required from the employer, while specialists work directly with the foreign company.

Myth: every team member is just a small cog in a large machine of the IT industry

Sharks of the tech industry value the expertise, skills, and diverse perspectives that employees from all levels bring to the table. They create an inclusive and collaborative environment where innovative ideas are welcomed and employees are empowered to contribute to impactful projects. Having worked on something that is used worldwide, every team member makes the experience of using the product better for the user. 

See how teamwork makes everything better

One of the reasons why international companies can successfully function from different parts of the world is the team building that binds people together across distances. 

Myth: Getting along with foreign managers won’t be easy, so their team-building activities won’t be as great as the ones run by local managers.

Managers prioritise creating a friendly environment regardless of geographical or cultural differences. In companies of this nature, onboarding each new person in the team is standard practice. This includes getting to know all the managers with whom the newcomer will be in contact throughout the entire time and establishing contact for future cooperation. 

Maintaining a strong team spirit can help combat burnout, which nobody is immune to. Support from colleagues creates a comfortable work environment and prevents the overwhelming feeling of being burdened with numerous tasks. Being among people who understand where help is needed, a person can easily crush obstacles and achieve the desired KPIs.

If you are looking for exciting career opportunities in the field of IT, check the list of SD Solutions’ opportunities. Take the first step and apply now to unlock your potential.


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