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The Recruiting Workshop in Tbilisi 2022

On the 30th of June 2022, SD Solutions ran a workshop for Georgian IT recruiters. Our new office in Tbilisi welcomed recruiters who desired to hear the speakers from Ukraine with a vast staffing background and share their experience too.

How do such events boost our company?

Earlier, SD Solutions expanded its geography and entered the Georgian IT workforce market. We were excited and perplexed at the same time, as we did know about a new country, its working culture, traditions, legal and other aspects but only from the theoretical perspective. And the practical side can be opened by direct immersion into the market details from the core. So, we wanted to understand what points differ Georgian recruitment from others. That’s how SD Solutions decided to do both — get to know the features of staffing in Georgia better and build a strong recruiting community here.

How it was?

Our specialists prepared the presentations based on their own cases and the challenges they had to deal with. Here is the workshop’s agenda:

Olha Kurochka, HR Business Partner with 5 years of experience.

Olha pointed out the benefits of HR and Recruiters’ interactions and explained why they have to cooperate properly. She covered such topics:

  • Retention rates.

  • Meeting the developers’ expectations.

  • Developers’ well-being in the team and on the project in general.

  • Importance of entering the correct info into emails, offers and other documents.

Anastasiia Lukianenko, People Partner with 4 years of experience.

Anastasiia presented how to cooperate with international teams using Cultural Intelligence (also known as Cultural Quotient — CQ). She told about:

  • CQ benefits and value.

  • Ways to improve the level of CQ.

  • Ways SD Solutions supports and improves Cultural Diversity.

Yuliia Petrenko, Recruitment Account Manager with 3 years of experience.

Yuliia named the steps of the recruitment process and its organization:

  • Sprint.

  • Job Descriptions.

  • Cooperation with researchers.

  • Searching tips and strategy.

  • Building correct communication with candidates.

  • Offers.

  • Onboarding.

Julia Itskovych, COO with 6 years of experience.

Julia covered some accounting challenges that might impact the outcomes, told about different situations and the conclusions she made:

  • All the in-house processes should be organized.

  • It is crucial to divide the main task into subtasks to get the most effective outcomes.

  • It is necessary to know all the details from the beginning.

  • It is a must to ask clarifying questions.

Live discussions and open activities.

After the speakers were done, we proposed our guests divide into groups of two and do some tasks that covered such topics as:

  • Internal competition between recruiters.

  • Matching suitable projects for candidates.

  • Middle/Senior status of developers.

  • Candidate’s red flags.

Then we discussed the solutions and the main points of the workshop. It helped to compare the pattern of hiring Ukrainian and Georgian developers, identify possible gaps and notice the hidden recruiting connections with other crucial factors.

What results did we get?

We had a great time sharing our experiences, but we also enjoyed learning new facts about this great country! We concluded that although the IT industry is global and might have many differences in other countries, there is no significant contrast in the IT staffing in Georgia. At the same time, the discussions with Georgian colleagues let us look at the wider picture to cover the questions that might be talked about.


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