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We are not a recruitment agency!

When it comes to expanding the staff of your IT company or building a new department, there are multiple ways to reach the goal. If your first thought was sticking vacancies to advertising columns, this article is not for you. If the HR department can’t handle an urgent need and hiring several researchers doesn’t seem beneficial, the most obvious idea is to call a recruitment agency. However, in some cases, it doesn’t work out.

Modern staffing services are much more effective and easy to use today. Let’s bring some clearness to a confusing variety of them.

Outstaffing is more than recruiting

Not to waste breath, let’s picture the difference.

Bob is a start-up owner from Canada, and he wants to expand a Java team as soon as possible. Bob is convinced that the Ukrainian talent pool is the best option. A recruitment agency finds all developers he needs. What to do next? Finding a comfortable office in Kyiv is challenging, as Bob has never even been there. Is there a person who can set up computers for the newcomers? It takes so much to organize the first working day: office security, cleaning, and supplying. If he still has free time, he spends it on learning the Ukrainian taxing system, especially for the IT industry.

Finally, Bob discovers an outstaffing business model. He tells us what his company is looking for and in 3 months his brand-new team of 10 people works for him in the SDS office in the city center. Perhaps, he’ll go to meet the team personally at some party, but it will be a pleasure – not a necessity.

Outstaffing VS recruitment agency?

Our potential clients get distracted by a variety of staff services in the IT industry. That’s why they take SDS for a recruitment agency quite frequently. Some of them are surprised as we don’t deal with a one-time employee delivery. What makes us a differenсe is long-term cooperation.

Checklist: is outstaffing what I need?

The most destructive and yet common mistake among employee-seeking companies is not being certain of what one needs. Let’s save your time on emails and calls and check if you may be interested in an outstaffing business model.

✅ Your business needs additional staff in the IT-sphere: developers, QAs, support, team-leads, DevOps, designers. It might be one employee or a big team.

✅ You can’t close urgent vacancies by yourself or don’t want to spend time on that.

✅ You decide to hire professionals from another county as finding local professionals is extremely time-consuming.

✅ You don’t want to run another office for a new team. You look for all office needs suppliers.

✅ You aim to get new team players, loyal to your company, not just more man-hours.

✅ You expect to find a company for a long-term partnership. Recruiters who will forget about the company as soon as a needed person is found – it’s not for you.

If you nodded several times while reading this checklist, you are at the right website.


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